Seoul Smart City and Blockchain should be-Hub


The mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, has on 3. October, during a speech of his five-year plan, in Zurich, will be presented. According to the “Blockchain-city plan for 2018 to 2022” to be invested 123,3 billion Korean Won to the South Korean capital city, a Smart City, which is powered by the Blockchain technology. This Park has delivered on its election promise with regard to the promotion of the DLT.

Park Won-soon was elected in 2011 for the first time as an independent candidate for mayor of Seoul. In June of this year he entered as a candidate of the New Political Alliance for democracy in his third term of office. Previously, he had promised, for more comfort and transparency in the city administration. For this purpose he wanted to use the Blockchain and the Seoul Smart City. In this context, he also plan companies that are involved in the development of the technology, in the city of lure. Now he’s making his campaign promises come true.

Blockchain in the public administration

During his visit to Zurich on 3. October proclaimed Park in a speech that “Blockchain-map for 2018 to 2022” to 123.3 billion Korean Won (the equivalent of well-94,5 million Euro) is covered. So he wanted to public services, such as labor protection, vehicle history management, the issuance of certificates, donations, leave management and Election of the Blockchain technology. Accordingly, part-time workers have no work contracts or a labor insurance are protected from this new System will benefit, for example. These employees will be able to register their contracts on a Blockchain application, so that the work of the welfare organizations and insurance companies, to participate as a current Node, and employee information on a distributed network of exchange and insurance systems.

Space for 200 Blockchain Start-ups

In addition, Seoul will be home to 200 new Blockchain Start-ups. For this purpose, the mayor to invest an additional 60 billion Won to build to 2021 two Complexes to accommodate the young company. This should be part of the Gaepo Digital Innovation Park and the Mapo Seoul Startup Hubs. The Plan is Seoul on the way, not just Smart City, but also Blockchain-Hub.



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