Sony approved the first Ethereum-based Playstation 4 game


Sony has announced the release of a new PlayStation 4 game, which is a Blockchain-based marketplace system. Plague Hunters will be the first Ethereum-based game on the console. Sony has reportedly led Plague Hunters due to their notoriously strict audit process, and the game to give the green light for official release.

While it is not clear how many of the elements of the game through the approval process managed, but the Creative Director of the Plague Hunter’s development Corporation of Arcade Distillery Luc Bernard said Blockchain gamersthat “some of the things that we do, the console companies like to be”.

The continued interest of the video game industry on the Blockchain technology is still great. With the news of the approval of a Blockchain-based game that was developed on the Basis of the Ethereum-Blokcchain, could increase this interest further.

Plague Hunters is a game that has gone through the official Sony testing process and procedure has been released. This means that the way to an official release. The game is the sequel of a previous title, Plague Road. Plague Hunters is a turn-based role-playing game that was developed for single player. It offers players the opportunity to collect characters and improve – Hunters – and the opportunity to trade on a Blockchain-based marketplace, the platform will be global and accessible to all players.

The game uses the Ethereum-a Blockchain, and that means, says the publisher Arcade Distillery, the player will have full ownership of all of the elements of the game that you play. Bernard said:

The users have full ownership of all in-game acquired Assets (or “hunters”), and thanks to the Blockchain of Ethereum, you can trade the Assets with other users and a Blockchain-based marketplace system.

Crypto kitties has demonstrated the efficiency of NFTs, but there is little Use in a browser game. But the Blockchain to the console to bring the audience, is the catalyst.

Below you can see the official Trailer for the game:

Plague Hunters will be free of charge, but additional assets and Upgrades cost money. The release of the game within the first three months of 2019 is planned, as well as versions for the Nintendo Switch and the PC.

Even if the current Plan is to use the Ethereum block Chain in conjunction with a Sidechain, to be tested in other ways. This decision could also affect the long-term financing of the project.

We examine a Token sale, which could be a Token for a Utility or as a result of the license element is a Security Token could be.

Glennon said, adding that this is likely to depend on the regulatory environment. In the meantime, the Arcade Distillery followed by a private fundraiser.


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