Start-Up from Berlin is using the Blockchain to make minerals to find


If the Blockchain, it is usually only to crypto-currencies. The technology can also fulfill other purposes. The company mine spider from Berlin, Germany with the technique of raw materials and minerals that are economically critical.

The Blockchain as an opportunity for raw materials to identify origins

Supply chains are sometimes a difficult topic. Just in terms of ecological Fairness is not everything for the Best. Mine SpIDer has the Blockchain, as well as a tidal power plant off the coast of Schotttlands, in order to make a fair – funded Assets such as Raw materials and mineral substances within a test operation. The company from Berlin has used according to the current reporting distributed database systems, the origin of the in many devices, built-in minerals and other raw materials keep track of.

Can be fixed to the moral sticking points?

Corruption and lack of ethics in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum always an important issue. The Blockchain technology can be used to identify these problems, is quite a novelty. The so far relatively unknown platform mine spider has placed carefully in dealing with it. The essential keyword here, the term “conflict minerals”. Many important raw materials such as Gold and silver, often in connection with the violation of human rights, as a Problem, when it comes to aspects such as child labour or slavery. The action was aimed, among other things, to the fact that current EU law is already hurt for years. The System of the company mine spider, now ensures that the origin of the products can be better understood.

Mine SpIDer wants to reveal ethical problems in the case of promotions

For companies that rely on the Blockchain, or currencies such as Ethereum and Dash, but also other business, the model now ensures that the typical ethical problems can be detected and thus also avoided. This also refers to an ecological Dilemma. The service provider will mine spider allows it to be able to companies through the newly-developed Blockchain certificates, things like the promotion or the processing of the trace back through the Blockchain Protocol. Although the process is quite complex, but an innovative approach to the Blockchain away from Investments in the Wallet to use in compliance with modern Eco-Standard. Companies could recognize the Blockchain, finally, also as an investigative tool.


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