Stuttgart stock exchange: crypto-currencies could seriously be a growing asset class


In the past few weeks, it became known that the Stuttgart stock exchange a trading venue for speculation with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies offer. Now no one said Less than Michael Völter, in his capacity of Chairman of the Board of the stock exchange, with an assessment of the opportunities in the crypto market.

New trade model allows for crypto-Investments via the App

The evaluation of the Chairman of the Board of the “Vereinigung Baden-Württembergische wertpapierbörse e. V.” is quite optimistic. Now this may be due to the new supply of no. 2 under the German financial markets in some way close to. Nevertheless, it is a good sign, when a large German stock exchange for the entry and the crypto-trade, and a separate App called “Bison” decides for the trade. The App allows in the first step, the purchase and sale of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, extensions of the operators also in view.

Digital currencies soon stable Investment in addition to shares and funds?

Especially in the currently difficult situation in the market, this is an important Signal, not only for German buyers. Völter expressed in the current Interviews, the perception that the digital currency can be an independent and successful asset class. From the point of view of the Stuttgart stock exchange and the crypto could be currencies, especially as a means of payment a more interesting Future. The stock market is aware of their responsibility. The structures for trading and payments are still due, is the Chairman of the Board, not an obstacle, but rather an incentive.

The financial sector needs to provide investors with a secure infrastructure

Stock exchanges, financial service providers and banks are in the responsibility to create the appropriate infrastructure, so that the young asset class may further develop and establish. Allows forecasts to price developments, the expert expectation, according to not get carried away. That the crypto classes such a high volatility, see Völter, however, not as a lack of seriousness, but rather as a typical feature of new asset classes. Uniform Standards for the trade and interested parties to provide security for the future. Not only in Germany, because the Bison App will later conquer Europe, if the test phase of the year is the beginning of success.


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