The Bitcoin crash continues – McAfee remains relaxed


The course of the crash of BTC has continued on the Cryptocoin in the meantime, even under $ 4,500 down. Also Altcoins lost significantly – Bitcoin Cash halved its value within just 24 hours. However, John McAfee remains in all of the relaxed and speaks of normal Panic selling.

Bitcoin News: Bitcoin crash continues – McAfee remains relaxed

Added together, the market lost about 20 billion U.S. dollars within 24 hours. Bitcoin is Cash, Ethereum, and numerous smaller Altcoins were strong springs, while Bitcoin fell to a new low for the year.

For John McAfee, but there is no reason to panic. We are, in his opinion, only in a typical bear market, some investors resulted in groundless panic selling. Had McAfee in the past, a BTC price of one Million US dollars up to 2020 – if he continues to hold to this forecast, it is currently not known.

A reversal of the trend, however, many experts, often from a low point of 3,000 US dollars for Bitcoin, rather we will experience a massive rally.


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