The Bitcoin price Crash means the end of Bitcoin mining?


It last went down again for the BTC course in which many Bitcoin-Miner ceased operation. Especially with older Equipment, and associated low Hashrate Mining at the current price of Electricity and the BTC price is no longer worthwhile.

Bitcoin News: the Bitcoin price Crash is the end of Bitcoin mining?

On it is seen, that the Hashrate has plummeted since the BTC Crash to about 25 percent of the 54 million Terahash per second to only around 40 million, it went down. Mining Hardware with a hash rate of 10 TH/s is no longer worth the current price of the BTC in most of the countries.

This does not mean, however, that the Bitcoin Mining is. Because the more miners get out, the less competition for the remaining Miner, whose efforts are rewarded better.

So a big “Golden Goose” (Golden goose) has begun, in spite of the crash, for example, in Paraguay only recently, project. Here, a Korean Start-up to be operated in a arise of 50,000 square meters Mining Center, and a whole infrastructure,-Up. The project represents the largest of its kind in the world. Bitcoin Mining is so secured in the future.


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