The Bitcoin price drop is pushing many investors to sell – right or wrong decision?


Since the Start of Bitcoin in 2009, the digital currency has been declared already dead. Until today, the technology has developed, as well as the price, so the courses have currently a strong Minus, but this is no indication that crypto-currencies are at the end.

Not to deny the strong slide in share prices is partly up to 75% for the Bullrun last year in December. The price of Bitcoin currently stands at almost 4,000€ for almost 9 years, dizzyingly quickly increased. Many investors, however, are entered only in the middle of the rastanten price rise or a little later. This leads to a strong Frustration among the investors, since they hoped that the prices of Bitcoin and other Altcoins at the same rate to rise.

Regardless of the prices, the adaptation is as well as the development of many projects progressed. The CEO of the crypto exchange Binance reminded with a Tweet, remember that progress always starts faster and the objectives of many of the Roadmaps complied with, whether the price of Bitcoin or other Altcoins increases or decreases.

Despite the rough seas out there, builders are building. New releases on GitHub today from:


(This is more than the usual we see from GitHub). Kudos!

CZ Binance (@cz_binance) 21. November 2018

Furthermore, the capacity of the Lightning network has increased within the last 30 days by more than 300%. This technology is based on so-called “Payment Channels”. These payment channels can be used to payments outside the Bitcoin Blockchain (“Off-Chain”), in order to keep the load on the network is low, since the transactions do not need to be immediately validated by the Miner.

In the past 30 days, Lightning Network capacity has increased almost 300%.
Learn about Lightning Network on #Binance Academy.

— Binance Academy (@BinanceAcademy) 22. November 2018

The current developments in the market should be seen as the end of the crypto market is interpreted as it is in some of the major media is described. Many important events, which could point the way for the crypto-space, are yet to come. To do this, the Start of the stock exchange Bakkt or the approval of a Bitcoin ETF’s by the SEC. The launch of Bitcoin Futures on Bakkt was on January 2019 postponed – many of the decisions of the SEC regarding some of the applications of ETF’s have also been delayed.

Strong fluctuations in the price has always been there, but Bitcoin is always got up again to re-start to take. The proliferation of crypto currencies is increasing by the day, regardless of the current price development. The last Statement of a crypto journalists illustrates this development.

I’m at a crypto event with reps from the Bank of England, HM Treasury, FCA, Ripple, and Prime Factor Capital. You think crypto is going away? These people are discussing how to implement it now. #crypto #bitcoin, @ripple, @bankofengland @TheFCA @hmtreasury

— Tim Copeland (@Timccopeland) 20. November 2018


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