The Blockchain is designed to simplify elections in Catalonia


Especially in the case of elections, the Blockchain can afford systems around the various currencies of helpful services. For this reason, the Spanish province of Catalonia, is now considering the seemingly also the use of the Blockchain in the coming polls.

From the Insider-Investment to a Mainstream technology?

In the past it was also in Spain, again and again to problems in the counting of votes and in the subsequent conflicts after elections and votes. According to several Spanish Newspapers one could imagine in the environment of the Catalan government, the use of the Blockchain as a convenience and for greater transparency in the implementation of upcoming elections. So can the first time when Bitcoin technology developed in other areas to establish. In the past month, the Catalan government as a first draft, had brought a concept to the way it was, among other things, the voting of Spanish citizens living abroad.

The first Tests could be 2020 conducted

The Autonomous Region of Catalonia can imagine the use according to current statements, but also as part of the electoral system, processes, away from big elections. By 2020, the Director for citizen participation, Ismael Peña-López, the government is planning to set up a external System for digital choice by guides. This then could not only speed up the counting and simplify, but also for more security during the counting. A final decision in this matter is still pending, the chances don’t seem to be bad. Especially since lawyers can introduce the use, as current Statements in the Spanish media.

Use of various options is currently being tested

In the meantime, the government is considering, in what way exactly is the Blockchain for elections. An important step in this could well be in terms of recognition for digital currencies such as Ethereum or Litecoin . Authorities and governments are using the Blockchain, Smart Contracts and other approaches, this can also make the citizens more confidence and interest. The Catalan government had made the Blockchain-use in the bureaucratic context, in the early summer into the conversation.


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