The first Bitcoin ATM in Munich


A few days ago was installed in a Munich Casino is the first Bitcoin ATM. Previously, the operator tried to trade with Bitcoin, however, was directed again and again to regulatory requirements.

Bitcoin News: first Bitcoin ATM in Munich

The chamber court in Berlin did not put the Regulatory short-hand, by declared Bitcoin as “money”. Thus, it is currently, for the Casino operators (and every other German citizen) is no longer necessary to purchase a license that allows the trading of Bitcoin. Such a license has been granted by the BaFin a regulatory authority of the financial sector.

The BaFin, in turn, gave to the judgment the court of appeal’s respect. Nevertheless, we assume that could change the Definition, and therefore the legal Status of BTC in the future. At the same time, the President of BaFin, Felix Hufeld, called for regulation of the crypto market and ICOs.


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