The future of social media? There was a rise in Bitcoin


Is the Free Speech Alternative to Twitter. The Social Media platform boasts in order to strengthen Free speech and refused, so far, successful censorship on the platform. There was even the target of censorship and Payment Processor, such as PayPal, which ended the cooperation with. Now it has been announced that Bitcoin is to accept it.

Bitcoin News: The future of social media? There was a rise in Bitcoin

It was long rumored that Facebook would put that as the first Social Media platform to crypto coins. Now Bitcoin and Litecoin for his merchandise, it has become, however, Gave, gave, and Gave-Pro subscriptions to accept.

Was last set even from Coinbase on a black list, so that the Team behind the Social Media platform focused in recent weeks on a self-hosted BTCPay Server. This is completely independent of Third-Party Payment Processor and could be the first platform that actually implements payments using crypto coins successfully.

This could at the same time also end the bear market, Bitcoin is currently located.


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