The new ARK Core V2 looks promising


The new ARK Core V2 looks promising. The Team of ARK has written the entire Code, and is now focused entirely on the V2 platform. But what is it with the new Version?


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The great thing about ARK is that it would facilitate the work with the Blockchain. It gives everyone the opportunity to create his own Blockchain. ARK, the platform would be, which makes this possible. Travis Walker from the ARK Team compares the platform in an Interview with the Youtube channel Crypto Zombie with a Website to create a Toolkit such as Wix, WordPress or Weebly, it allows people to your own Website, without any understanding of Code. ARK do the possible, only it block chains. ARK also makes it possible functions to use with other block chains to connect to such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. You can now Smart Contracts on Ethereum issue with Ethereum ever to come into contact only through the use of the ARK provided the Tools, says Walker.

Users have the option to choose features that are suitable for you. So you can add, for example, the ARK of the Virtual Machine, which is a Smart Contract-a platform for development, so Walker. And you can add easily in the ARK. “You want to change the Transactions per Second the number of Nodes in a network are … it’s all configurable,“ he says.


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Delegated Proof of Stake

A great advantage of the ARK would like to highlight, is the Delegated-Proof-of-Stake System (DPoS), with which it works. It is, therefore, not Proof of Work (PoW), the amount of power consumed. Proof-of-Stake (PoS), however, requires Working with a lot of Wallets, says Walker. It buy not so much power as Proof of Work, but still a lot. In Delegated Proof of Stake only a small amount of power is necessary, because there are a certain number of Nodes in the network. For private block chains, which is ideal as the number of Nodes can be determined, and all on a single Server can run. Users need to make the transactions to the high power consumption of a Proof-of-Work System, the crypto currencies can slow down to such as Bitcoin. Unlike EOS ARK was also distributed. While EOS determine who can use the Nodes can agree to any users in the ARK for a Delegate Node. There are 51 in the ARK network. To could at any time be replaced. The Team of ARK has no control over it. Only the owners of ARK-tokens can affect.

Dynamic Fee Structure (dynamic rate System)

The V2 Version comes with the Dynamic Fee structure. With most of the Proof-of-Stake systems, a flat rate, is integrated into the Dynamic-Fee-structure at the ARK already in the Code. This means that users can set their own prices for each Block, he explains. If the price is set too low, the network it back. For users, this means so much more freedom and a decentralized platform, which is largely tailored to your needs.

We are curious, what is the meaning of the project for the future of blockchains. Can ARK to keep up with crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin? Still, the ARK’s course at approximately 0.60 euros and a market capitalization of 66 million euros. Can Blockchains of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to keep up with what promises to be ARK? And how much is ARK V2 the purchase of the ARK ? It remains to be seen.


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