The next exchange hack Zaif is losing 60 million US dollars


Another small Crypto-exchange has been hacked this year. With the securities and exchange Zaif, the hackers have stolen about 60 million US dollars, which could be stolen from the Accounts of the customer and the return of the stock market were. A compensation of the customers could be implemented this Time but actually.

Cryptocoin News: the next exchange hack Zaif is losing 60 million US dollars

Eager security professionals are looking for in the Monacoin network to the remote hackers. These had cheated on the Monacoin (MONA) and also to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash of the total of 60 million. Whether the in September, stolen Coins will re-emerge, however, is in the stars.

Much more interesting for outsiders is likely, however, the question of compensation to the user. Because Zaif, in spite of its small size and popularity, a fully regulated Crypto exchange in Japan. And thus not only the stock market but also the regulatory authority is now under pressure. The Financial Service Agency (FSA) to pay for the losses if the stock exchange itself will not be able to muster.

We are excited to see how it will turn out.


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