Token Fail: Forbes-Partner fails to ICO


How come, easy go: At the 9. October Matt Coolidge, co-founder of the journalism Blockchain Civil announced, proud of the with Forbes agreed upon cooperation. The collaboration was a “milestone for the block chain-based journalism,” exulted Coolidge at the time on Medium. The joy, however, was only of short duration. As company founder Matthew Iles on its media Blog, announced the failure of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the CVL-Token.

The journalism Blockchain Civil war has suffered a major setback. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the platform’s own CVL-Token is on the 15th. October, without the investment target of at least eight million US dollars.

“It is a setback, but not a shock”,

commenting on company chief Matthew Iles the failed CVL-Token-of-Sale Medium. In fact, the Failure of the ICOs has at the latest since Iles’ cry for help at 10. October signed. In a Post entitled “The eleventh hour of the Civil war Token Sale” put Iles that we are still far from the thought of the Soft Cap in the amount of eight million dollars.

Civil not

At this time, only a little over two million US invested Dollar in the Token Sale. This was far below the expectations of Civil Media Company at the beginning of the Token Sale on 18. September: After all, it is heading for self-confident, a Hard Cap of 24 million dollars.

With $ 1.1 million of the Blockchain-business ConsenSys acquired the majority of CVL-Token. Only another Investor contributed more than $ 10,000 to the ICO. Nevertheless, Iles hoped at this time to Reach the Eight-million-US-Dollar-brand.

The hope dies last, and can survive in the case of Civil war and a failed ICO. They wanted to look forward, so Iles on 16. October on the Medium. First, all participating investors will receive a full refund of your money. Unless you intend to participate in the next ICO. Such is, according to Iles, namely already in the works. They wanted to make the investment process easier. Furthermore, Iles wants to stick to the Plan, the launch of the Civil platform for the beginning of the year in 2019. Therefore, it is “a question of weeks, not months”, to Civil to make a new attempt to bring the CVL-Token is distributed to the people. After all, one has to Forbes, already a well-known cooperation partners to show for it.



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