University of Liechtenstein launches degree program for the Blockchain


In purely political terms, the country of Liechtenstein in Europe is of course a rather minor role. With a view to the recognition of the Blockchain, but the University of a small country is progressing as a model. There is now a first degree course, which deals among other things with the Blockchain and your opportunities.

Degree programme could encourage other universities to similar Offerings

To date, there are only a few universities, the finally amplified with the Blockchain or crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other deal. Only a few programmes address the rapidly growing crypto market and the Blockchain as a future solid part of the financial sector, the long-overdue attention. The University of Liechtenstein announces a new certificate course that will carry on the name “Blockchain in Finance and Fintech”.

Pilot project runs from the beginning of the year 2019

The offer will begin in February 2019. For the development of innovative course of study that is still quite young, but already now, not only in Liechtenstein is recognized as an “Institute of Finance, a centre of excellence for Blockchain and Fintech to” be responsible. Students with basic Know-how for the Blockchain technology itself, to use opportunities within the financial sector and the background knowledge necessary to the well-known and the “hard-core” less-established digital currencies, such as the Dash and IOTA .

The Bank will act as Partner and sponsor

As a cooperation partner, a well-known financial companies in appearance with the Frick Bank. The test run is created for a period of five years. The University receives funds from the Bank to provide the course of study on a healthy Foundation. Between the partners in connection with the involvement of the student body are planned. According to rumors, there is also in Germany for the coming year, similar plans. So it remains exciting how the European education sector is to respond to the increasingly important Blockchain-sector.


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