Wall Street giant Fidelity opened Bitcoin and crypto-currency trading


Fidelity, the fourth largest asset Manager in the world, was yesterday officially announced that there is a new company with the name Fidelity Digital Assets start, a, Kryptowährungsplattform for institutional investors. The company will host a crypto trading platform and Custody solutions, and is intended to include currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other, as yet unnamed Crypto.

With 27 million customers, and 7.2 trillion dollars in customer assets, Fidelity Investments is a wahrerer giant under the financial service providers worldwide. Citing the large institutional demand for crypto-currency products, the company have decided to establish Fidelity Digital Assets. The company will offer its services round the clock, seven days a week, to keep pace with the continuous nature of the crypto-currency market and to support “sophisticated institutional investors, such as hedge funds and market intermediaries with Custody and Trade Execution services for crypto – currencies”.

“Our goal is digital-native Assets, such as Bitcoin for investors, more accessible to make,” said Abigail Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Fidelity Investments, in a press release. “We expect that we will be in the long term, continue to invest and experiment to make our customers this new asset class more understandable and usable.”

To CNBC , said Fidelity’s Tom Jessop that, due to his years of experience is ideal, to Hacks to prevent and Cold storage solutions in the crypto-currencies safe keeping.

We have seen that there are certain things that need institutions that can only offer a company like Fidelity. We have a technology that we acquired from other Parts of Fidelity, we can use all the resources of a large organization. […] You could watch the crypto-world and say: Wow, is this a new thing?“ but we manage keys for a long time. We have used our experience in the field of corporate security, then we have, through our exploration of Bitcoin and the number of people in some developed quickly, some of the crypto nearby Expertise, and the two things merged.

Fidelity joins an ever-growing list of financial giants that want to offer trading with crypto-currencies, Custody solutions, and other services because they recognized a Potential and especially a huge demand from institutional investors. With the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) / Bakkt, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley already have some other heavy weights, the Wall Street announced in the near future, Bitcoin and crypto-currency products.

Crypto COP and Fund Global Analyst Tom Lee joined said that the announcement of Fidelity to the flood of Evidence contributes to that institutional participation in crypto will be the title for the year 2019.

With @fidelity launching a comprehensive range of services, it is adding to the avalanche of evidence that institutional participation in #crypto is the story of 2019. #BTC has been muted for much of 2018 highlights how actual “fiat inflows” (2019) is louder than sentiment. https://t.co/TwHxqpmFaf

— Thomas Lee (@discovery) October 15, 2018


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